Varicose veins are enlarged, unsightly veins most often found in the leg.  They can give symptoms of ache, itch and heaviness, often worse when standing. Thread veins are smaller red or blue veins that can be treated for cosmetic reasons.

The vascular team at Newcastle Hospitals have vast experience treating patients with varicose veins, most often utilising minimally invasive (endovenous) methods.

We can offer Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA / VNUS / Venefit / ClosureFast), Foam Sclerotherapy (including ClariVein), Laser treatment (EVLA) and surgery.  In addition, we offer thread vein treatments using either micro-injections or laser.

All procedures can normally be done as a day case, either under General or Local anaesthetic.


The Vascular Team:

Mr James McCaslin

Professor Gerry Stansby

Mr Mike Wyatt