Professor Janet Wilson

Ear Nose and Throat

specialises in voice, nasal and Snoring surgery and Paediatric ENT

Biograpy:  Although increasingly specialised Professor Wilson maintains an active role in elective and emergency general ENT.

She has a well-established general functional septorhinoplasty practice and co-runs the Newcastle snoring service – offering a full diagnostic and surgical service including laser treatments.

Professor Wilson is the  lead ENT surgeon for the Newcastle Voice services. Procedures include local anaesthetic vocal cord medialisation  as an outpatient procedure; laser surgery; laryngeal cartilage surgery and stenting. She is a supra-regional provider of care for  professional voice users and of transgender voice services and also undertake feminisation rhinoplasty in male to female transgender clients. 

Her work was recognised by inclusion in the Times Top  UK Doctor list (2010) and by the award of the BMA’s  Walter Jobson Horne Prize (2011).