Dermatology & Mohs Surgery

Dermatology services  

Newcastle Hospitals Private Health Care provides a wide range of dermatological services.   

MOHS surgery 

Mohs Micrographic surgery is an innovative and highly successful treatment for skin cancer.  It has the highest cure rate of all treatment for skin cancer – up to 99% even when other forms of treatment have failed. 

This treatment is available privately at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, currently the only hospital in the North East which offers this service. 

Through using highly sensitive microscopic equipment, our expertly trained and experienced consultants can see beneath the visible disease.  The exact location of the cancer cells is pinpointed using a special mapping technique and the tumour removed down to its roots.  The process is repeated until the Consultant Dermatologist is satisfied that no cells remain. 

The main advantages of Mohs surgery is its high cure rate and removal of tissue only where cancer cells are present. This means that the surrounding healthy tissue remains unharmed and reduces the risk of scarring or skin disfigurement.  The treatment also minimizes the chance of re-growth. 

The technique is particularly suited for areas where preserving as much normal tissue as possible is extremely important such as tumours around the eyes, noses, lips and ears.